Paddy Ryan

Founder, CEO

Paddy Ryan, the dynamic founder of ActivePix, combines his passion for running and technology to innovate the race photography industry. As a marathon enthusiast, Paddy has experienced firsthand the frustration of paying premium entry fees for races, only to face additional charges for accessing personal race photos. This pain point sparked the inception of ActivePix, with a mission to make race memories accessible and affordable for every participant.

With over a decade of experience in the tech sector, including a significant role as Chief Technical Officer at Nutriband Inc., a Nasdaq-listed med-tech company, Paddy brings a wealth of knowledge and innovative thinking to ActivePix. His tenure at Nutriband has honed his skills in driving technology strategy and leading groundbreaking initiatives, qualities that he now applies to transforming the race photography experience.

Paddy's journey in the tech industry is marked by notable achievements and contributions across various roles. From digital strategy consultancy for leading brands and government bodies to advising startups on technical development, his expertise is vast and varied. His work with sports media brand, Pundit Arena, as a technical advisor, and his involvement in launching the Pandemic Action Network website, showcase his ability to leverage technology for community engagement and global impact.

At the heart of ActivePix is Paddy's vision to merge his love for marathons and tech, creating a service that captures the spirit of the race day without the added financial burden on the runners. As a keen runner himself, he understands the value of these moments and is dedicated to making them freely available, celebrating the achievements of both the everyday and club runner.

Paddy's leadership at ActivePix is not just about offering a service; it's about creating a community where technology enhances the sporting experience, making every step, every race, and every milestone, memorable and shareable.